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I am Ranjan Mukherjee, a speaker, traveler and writer. I write on travel, life and leisure, science and, on occasion, muse on how I see the world around me. These are grouped under Categories (see the sidebar).

Click on these two now:  The Tigress of Ranthambhore and a commentary on the Rohingyas published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I guarantee you will love them.

I am an entertaining speaker and give presentations on my adventures and experiences on safari in the forests of India and Nepal. Two popular ones are:

  • Nepal: Land of Mountains, Jungles and Temples
  • India: Land of the Taj Mahal and Tigers

More information on these presentations are here.

Articles already published in newspapers, journals and e-magazines are found under PUBLISHED WORKS.

I hope you take time to peruse my website and blog.

Live Life Fully, Wisely.

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