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Nine years into a very enjoyable and creative retirement, I wrote and published my first book: Living Free, Living Well: My Life as a Zen Bon Vivant. It is available on amazon.com. For a synopsis and more information, see the page titled Book. It could transform your life. You may soon be enjoying the good life of a Bon Vivant with a relaxed Zen attitude.

Hi. I am Ranjan Mukherjee, a writer, traveler, speaker and retired scientist. I write on travel, life and leisure, science and, on occasion, muse on how I see the world around me. These are grouped under Categories (see the sidebar).

Click on these two now:  The Tigress of Ranthambhore and A Flashback at the Great Wall of China. I guarantee you will love them.

I am an entertaining speaker and give slide and video presentations of my adventures  on safari in the forests of India and Nepal and on my experiences in China and Mexico. These popular talks are titled:

  • Nepal: Land of Mountains, Jungles and Temples
  • India: Lions, Tigers and the Taj Mahal
  • China Travel Series: Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai and Beijing
  • Ancient Mexico Series: Teotihuacán, Mexico City, Puebla, Palenque, Uxmal, Mérida, Chichén Itzá.

For more information see the page titled TravelTalks. A downloadable PDF document can be found here.

Articles already published in newspapers, journals and e-magazines are found under PUBLISHED WORKS.

I hope you take time to peruse my website and blog.

Live Life Fully, Wisely.

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