About Me

Ranjan Mukherjee

Ranjan Mukherjee

Speaker, littérateur and scientist.

I am a speaker, traveler, photographer, writer and scientist. I love traveling, and am especially fond of natural, rugged beauty, jungles and wildlife. I  write on my experiences and adventures in different countries, life and leisure and current events that  interest me. I love talking about my experiences in the wild tracking the tiger in India or the rhino in Nepal. These presentations bring out in words and pictures the beauty and excitement of visiting these exotic places.


I am also translating several selected Bengali stories into English as part of the initiative Bengali Literature Goes Global. This anthology will be published in 2018.

I have a M. Sc. in Physics (University of Calcutta) and a Ph. D. in Biology (University of Delaware). I have worked for over 20 years in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry. My career switch from science to literature was fortuitous and instructive.  You can read about it in The Winding Road, and Three Careers across Three Continents. My scientific profile is on Linkedin.