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In Defense of Leisure


What makes a person happy?

I grew up watching my father leave for work every day in the morning and return in the evening. He worked hard, paid for the schooling of two children, built a house for his family and, in time, retired. I watched him transition smoothly and happily into retirement. He would sit on the porch, play with his grandchildren and leisurely watch the world go by. He had a peaceful, beatific look on his face. That picture remained with me. To me, ‘retirement’ is associated with peace and happiness, of a life well lived.

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How I survived a Layoff with a Career Change

We had sensed it coming in the carefully worded corporate announcements and in whispered conversations beside the water coolers. The uncertainty was nerve racking. But when the layoff was announced, it was almost a relief for me; the agonizing suspense was finally over. I was face to face with reality. Continue reading